Jellyfish Restaurant, One of “The best 50 caribbean beach bars”

It may seem like a list of 50 beach bars is a lot. But when we finished compiling this momentous list, we weren’t even breathing hard. That’s because the Caribbean is the beach bar capital of Planet Earth, and we could easily have placed another 100 beach bars on here. But these are our favorites, whether it’s because of the beach itself, the famous cocktail, the food, the service, or the personalities. The primary prerequisite? The bar has to be located on the beach itself — not just on the water, or across the road from the beach. There has to be sand! These are the Caribbean beach bars we’re raising a glass to. Here they are: the 50 best best Caribbean beach bars.

Jellyfish — Dominican Republic

This is a place with many sides. By day, it’s all about the beach. By night, the place converts into an upscale beach lounge. It’s got a funky vibe in large part due to its unique, two-story building, which is actually shaped like a jellyfish. And oh yeah, the food is sublime, too.

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Jellyfish Restaurant