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  • Booking Questions
    How to book & how far in advance should I reserve for my event? As soon as you have decided a date, feel free to contact us to proceed with the booking by email or phone. Our team will provide you with the information on available dates and booking process. Usually most bookings for weddings happen 1 year in advance sometimes on 2 year window. How much is the deposit to reserve a date & how can a pay it? The deposit is $500 USD it can be paid by Bank Transfer (Zelle or wire) or Credit Card (by phone, credit card form or payment link). When is the deposit due and is it refundable? Deposit is due when you’re ready to move forward with your planning process and want to secure the date. The refunds work as follow: The deposit is non refundable. If date booked is changed to a future date, the deposit can be moved to the new date not later than 12 month front the original date. If you pospone your event later than 12 month from the original date a new deposit must be summited. All payments are non refundable but are transferable to a new event date not later than 12 month from original date.
  • Payment Info
    What’s the payment plan for the entire bill or invoice? 1) $500 USD deposit to book and secure the date. 2)$5,000 USD after a quote/invoice summited by our team. 3) 80% of current invoice total 1 month prior. 4) Final payment 1 week prior to event date. -Once you book your date our team will quote you and provide you with and invoice based on your amount of guest for the event. After that quote is sent a payment of $5000 USD must be summited (this payment is non-refundable, the $5000 USD payment is transferable if the date is changed to a new date). -If you have been quoted before booking the booking deposit of $500 USD plus the $5000 USD payment must be summited upon booking. -One month prior to the event date 80% of the invoice total must be paid. (non-refundable) -Remaining balance payment must be summited one week prior to the event date. (non refundable) -Any changes after final payment will be reviewed and adjusted in case an extra payment is needed. -All services such as decor & flowers cannot be canceled 1 week prior to the event. -Entertainment services such as: Dance floor, shows, live band or any other outside vendor service can not be cancelled within 2 month window from the event date. Is Gratuity included in your price list? Gratuities for our staff are always welcome but not included in the invoice. Gratuities can be provided in cash or credit card. Are prices different on weekends? No, prices won't vary on weekends. Our price list remains the same thought the year. What services does the restaurant venue fee includes. Is it mandatory? The restaurant (venue) fee is a mandatory fee. It will ensure that you can enjoy your wedding in privacy and closed the areas for the different moments of the wedding day. The two options are: 1st option: first floor and beach area (default) (our second floor dining area will be open for regular dining service) 2nd option: entire venue (for more info please check price list)
  • Ceremony Questions
    Can the ceremony be held at Jellyfish and is there any additional charge? Yes, you can hold your ceremony at Jellyfish (there's a decor fee). Can I celebrate my ceremony only? Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate this request. You must book other wedding services to hold a ceremony on the restaurant. Is the ceremony site close to the reception site? Yes, the ceremony area is a few steps from the reception area. Can I have a legal ceremony in the Dominican Republic? Yes, there is some documentation needed in order to have a civil ceremony. Contact us for further information. Can a family member or friend officiate the symbolic ceremony? Yes, if you don't have a family member or a friend we can provide you with a contact for an officiant in the area. At what time should my ceremony start? We recommend to start between 4:00PM to 5:30PM depending on the time of the year, around summer time 5pm is a good time. Around winter time 4pm will be more ideal due to the sunset time. Will Jellyfish provide transportation from the hotel to the restaurant and how does it work? Yes, prices are in our price list. It can be schedule for different times depending on the needs of the couple. For example: Pick up times 6 guest 11:00 AM (bride & bridal party to get ready at Jellyfish bridal room). 5 guest 3:00 PM ( groom and groomsmen for first look pictures). 30 guest 4:00 PM (guest pick up). Transportation shuttles to return to the hotel are schedule at the end of the wedding. However, if there are any guests that may want to leave early, we will set up a time for the shuttles to be waiting at the parking lot depending on wedding schedule.
  • General Questions
    Do you offer on site coordination? If so what services are included and is there an additional charge? Will the coordinator supervise the day of? Yes, we offer site coordination for the day of the event theres no additional charges for this service . The coordinator and staff of the restaurant will all have the itinerary and event info. Is there a brides changing area; and how many people does it accommodate? Is it and additional charge? There is a Bridal Room on site, and holds unto 8 people comfortably. The Bridal room is air conditioned and will be equipped with self serve refreshments for your use. We will provide with some snacks after 11am on wedding days. Additional food can be purchased from the regular restaurant menu starting 11:30 AM. At what time can I start using the bridal room? We open at 11:00AM if you need to use it earlier just make a request and we will be more than happy to accommodate you. Whats your weather contingency plan for outdoor space? In case of an extreme weather change, the ceremony will be held on the second floor of the restaurant. We are always monitoring the weather changes and keep you updated. There will not be extra charge in case this happens. What happens if it rains? If it rains its usually short showers of 10 or 20 minutes. Its Usually windy in Punta Cana area so clouds will pass very fast. In case it rains all day the ceremony will be held in the second floor but its not very common for it to happen. How many guest can Jellyfish hold? We can hold up to 130 guest in the first floor. In the second floor can hold about 60 guest. Are pets allowed at Jellyfish on wedding day? Yes, 25 Lb or less must be leashed and attended at all times. Does Jellyfish have over night accommodations? We do offer lodging next to jellyfish also we offer wedding packages with lodging. For more info please visit How long will I have use of the event spaces I reserve? Is there an Over time fee if I stay longer? Most of the weddings will start around 4:30 PM. The event ends at the time that the open bar ends, usually 10 or 11pm depends on the ceremony start time and how many hours of reception party is contracted. wedding end time can be extended the time by purchasing additional hours of open bar. Is there an Outdoor space where my guest can mingle? Yes there is plenty outdoor space where that guest can enjoy. Is there an indoor "socializing” space? Depending the amount of guests we have space for indoor mingling. Are Outside vendors Aloud? Yes, the outside vendors aloud are: Hair and Makeup Stylists Photographers and Videographers Wedding Officiant All other vendors must be authorized by Jellyfish and are subject to a vendor fee. Can I bring in cake from an outside vendor? Yes, but only for wedding cake and cupcakes. Any additional question feel free to contact us. Can the Venue accommodate Live Band? Yes, the venue has plenty of space for a live band. Are there any restriction on what kind of music I can play, or time by which the music must end? There are no restrictions as to what kind of music you should play or time the music should play. Is there a parking on site? is it complementary? Do you offer valet parking? and what is the charge? There is parking on site and it is complimentary. Jellyfish does not offer valet parking. Are cabs or taxis easily accessible from the venue? if a shuttle service is needed can you assist on setting it up? Cabs or taxis are easily accessible from the venue. We do help set up the shuttle services just ask one of our coordinators. Does the venue has liability insurance? Yes, Jellyfish does have liability insurance. Are there any restrictions for the photographers? No, there are no restrictions for photographers, except to follow the scheduled timeline. Are other event schedule on the same day? No, there are no other events scheduled the day of your event besides your own. However if you don’t book the entire venue our restaurant service is open in the area that is not private. Are there adequate restrooms facilities? There are adequate separate restrooms for both men and women. Our bathrooms have Climate controlled (a/c). Can you accommodate physically challenged guests? Yes, we are happy to accommodate physical challenge guest. What types of tables are available? The banquet tables available for events are round, square and rectangular. What decor restrictions exist indoors? The only decor restriction, for the entire venue, would be the use of fire: (Bonfire, sky lantern, fireworks). Hand sparklers are aloud and we also have them available. May we take bridal or engagement picture on the property? If you are booked with us and there are no events scheduled, you are welcomed to take pictures at the venue with a prior reservation. How does the open bar Work? Open Bar will be charged per person per hour. theres several options you can chose from: For dinner you can choose one of our most popular option or any of the other option such as (Silver, Gold, Platinum). For the reception party, after dinner it usually last about 2 to 4 hours. Can I bring My own alcohol? and is there a corkage fee if i do? Jellyfish provides all the alcohol necessary, it is not allowed to bring wine, beer or champagne or any hard liquor. Unless it is an alcohol not found in the Dominican Republic, contact us for more information. How does the menu work, do I have to make my guest selection and I selection in advance before my wedding date? All menus have two starters, three main courses and two sides. guest will only have to select one main course the day of the wedding. Servers will take their order after cocktail hour, during dinner time when everybody is seated. Theres no need to pre select the options. Do you have a vegetarian option? Yes, Our menu has listed several options including vegan options. We can also accommodate any recipe that you wish if the ingredients are available. Can you accommodate food allergies or intolerance? Yes, we can accommodate food allergies or any other special request. Either in advance or on site When will the tasting for the wedding take place? The tasting for the wedding should be made 2 to 4 days prior to wedding date. In extreme cases it can be done the day before the wedding. Do you have different prices for kids meal? Yes, Children have a Menu listed on our prices list. Children & Teens eating from regular menu will be charge regular menu price. Are the children charge alcohol open bar? No, underage (-17) will not be charge for alcohol open bar. Can we do a food tasting prior to finalizing our Menu selection? if so, is there an additional charge? Yes, there is a food tasting, it’s usually scheduled 2-3 days prior to the wedding date for the bride and groom. There is no additional charge for this meeting, unless the bride and groom bring guests. Can I order my wedding cake from Jellyfish? Yes, you can order your wedding cake from us. What is the minimum amount of guest to do a Full Service Wedding? The guest minimum to do a Full Service wedding is 30 people including bride and groom. However you are still able to quote with us for smaller events with our staff. (Subject to availability and requirements) If I rent out the whole restaurant, is there a minimum amount of people that must attend? Yes, In order to rent the entire venue you must have at least 80 guest. What is the time limit for my Wedding? The time limit is set by the amount of hours of reception (open bar hours paid) you can extend by paying extra hours. Jellyfish doesn’t have a time restriction as far as close time unless there’s a government restriction in place.
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