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What to do in Punta Cana?

Destination weddings are fun and exciting, especially if you are traveling to the beautiful beach resort Punta Cana, either for the very first time or as a previously visited and meaningful destination, where you and your partner, family and friends will be celebrating that you have finally found the one!

Very often, the couple that is getting married is expected to have several plans for their guests apart from inviting them to a welcome and a rehearsal dinner. Because of this, we have created a list with several activities you and your guests will enjoy in Punta Cana, a paradise in the Caribbean, that not only can be exciting and adventurous, but also relaxing and calming.

Punta Cana offers some activities that can be done with all your guests. For example, you could go to Coco Bongo (a night show and disco) and dance your night away. Or you could also rent a private catamaran where you and your guests can have fun on the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. If you want to do something calmer with your guests, simply invite them to several brunches or dinners.

Regarding the exciting and adventurous part of Punta Cana, take into your advantage the sea and consider going sailing or snorkeling. If you or your guests like being in the air, perhaps a hot air balloon, zip lining or parasailing might be a good option for all you. On the other hand, you might want to take a day trip to the small island of Saona, to Scape Park or even to a rum factory!

Try making these reservations on time in order to have a plan and to be as stress-free as possible on your trip. Apart from this, we recommend not doing things that might make you very tired the day before your wedding in order to be completely energized that day.

Regarding the more relaxing and calming part of Punta Cana, consider going to a couple’s massage or simply going to the beach with special friends you love. You can also read a book by the pool and disconnect from anything that might cause you stress for a few hours.

Recall that you should not be pressured to always invite everyone to activities. It is completely okay for you to want to go on little adventures with your partner or closest friends and family members, but make sure you give your guests lists with plenty of options of activities that they will enjoy. For example, if your sister has a daughter, include some activities for children in Punta Cana in her list. Not all lists have to be personalized. You can have a general list as well. Remember that even if you invite someone to participate in an activity or excursion somewhere, they not necessarily might want to go. Your guests might want to sleep-in or go on their own exciting adventures. On the other hand, make sure you tell them if it is really important for you that they participate in specific activities.

If you still feel lost about all the things that you and your guests can do in Punta Cana, you can always ask the event planner or concierge at the hotel to suggest and organize different excursions or activities to suit your needs. On the other hand, if you want to have more local insights about Punta Cana, feel free to ask us some more questions. We love engaging with and talking to brides and grooms about creating their perfect destination wedding.

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