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“Our kitchen highlights local cuisine and has been serving ocean-to-table dishes since 2003”

“Each dish and drink at Jellyfish incorporates stories and influences
from all around the world.When
you combine them, it’s magical.”

A dreamed family business turned into reality in 2003. Jellyfish was a hidden gem for many tourists and locals due to its bumpy road which made access to the property a whole adventure. Fast forward around 2 decades of hard work and dedication, with over 1500 destination weddings and events, luxury developments all around us made the journey worth it.


Lured by word of mouth, beloved of locals, regulars, and visitors from all around the world, landmark Jellyfish is one of the best beach clubs and venues in the Caribbean. With a distinctive architectural design inspired by its name, every detail from the ground up has been thoughtfully considered affording a breathtaking experience shaded by palm trees and infinity views.

Jellyfish is a vibrant experience of seafood cuisine and culture which are delivered daily by the local fisherman, where every day it's perfect to try out our many different specialties, not leaving aside an amazing bar focused around a noteworthy selection of wines and refreshing hand-crafted cocktails, overlooking a tropical dream.

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“From freshly caught seafood to tempting desserts,
our menu presents a range of options for every palate.”

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